As most people assuredly do, I wish to have my dental checkups in a sparkling clean, bright environment, preferably overseen by a youngish, soft-spoken, sober, clean cut and caring dentist.

It would be unfair of me to generalize by country, since I have but two (vastly disparate) experiences, one in Canada, the other in New York. I’ll start with the first.

Usually, I end up at or near my Mum’s house in London Ontario at least once a year, and always go to visit Dr. Mike Hornyak, well described by the above. My Mum drives me out to Strathroy (pop. not many), and I get 2 easy Xrays, a lecture about upper 3rd posterior molars (wisdom teeth), generally get to watch a movie on the ceiling flat screen TV as cleaning is being done, and walk out happy and fresh-mouthed, in a better sense than the usual.
Some time ago, when it seemed unlikely I would get anywhere near that part of Canada for a while, I went to a dentist recommended by a friend, whose practice was on the upper East Side of New York. After all, thought I, you shouldn’t neglect your gums!

One thought on “Dentists

  1. You’re so funny. I, too, am not assertive enough to have left that funky dental office.

    If you’d left, though, you wouldn’t have had this story to tell, eh?

    from another dual cit US Canadian

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