Tricks for Getting your Violin On a Plane

Are you like me? Do you constantly get told by snippety airline employees: “Ma’am, you’ll have to check that”. Yes? Well here are a few ways to get around the tribulations of Travel With Violin Case. It is of utmost importance to have a case with backpack straps. If you are a rather tall and…


A HUNDRED DAYS OF HELL Ten bits of advice (kind of) when ending nicotine addiction. NO PUNCHES PULLED If you are a real addict, like me, it’ll be 100 Days of Hell. So be it. And if you aren’t ready, just don’t do it! SOLITUDE Although help will come from unlooked-for places, it’s best to…


As most people assuredly do, I wish to have my dental checkups in a sparkling clean, bright environment, preferably overseen by a youngish, soft-spoken, sober, clean cut and caring dentist.


There is a Far Side cartoon titled Nerds In Hell, where there are a few devils pictured,
some flames, sweating folks, and one little guy in glasses who says to a sweaty guy in chains:
“Hot enough for ya?”. Well, real-life Hell-Nerds exist…